Day trip

Local Bus Tour

Lunch and hot spring at Amakusa Matsushima Kanko Hotel Misakitei

Basic charge
JPY5,300~JPY5,300( day trip)
Departure place
Kumamoto Sakuramachi Kumamoto Bus terminal
JR Kumamoto Station
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Key points of the course

Amakusa-go is a direct express bus departs from the central part of Kumamoto city to Amakusa!
This tour includes bus tickets, lunch and hot spring at Matsushima Kanko Hotel Misakitei. The hotel is located near by the Amakusa Pearl Line which is a road with five symbolic bridges that connect various small and large islands in the Kami-Amakusa region (upper part of Amakusa).
It is easy and do not need to worry about traveling in the country side as the Hotel Transfer will pick you up from Matsushima bus stop. ♪

~Fresh seafood from Amakusa for lunch~
Grilled abalone
A plate of four kinds of sashimi (Japanese sea bream, gizzard chad with marinated kelp, octopus boiled with salted hot water, and shiba-shrimp boiled with salted hot water *All from Amakusa)

Outdoor bath (hot spring)

Itinerary of the tour

▼Diamond until 7/31▼
※Timetables after 8/1 will be posted as soon as they are decided
Sakuramachi Kumamoto Bus terminal(Depart from 09:30) / JR Kumamoto station(Depart from 09:38) = (On the way Amakusa-go to Hondo) = Matsushima Bus Stop(ARR 11:16) = Go to the hotel by Hotel Transfer(about a 5 minutes ride) = Matsushima Kanko Hotel Misakitei

Enjoy hot spring and lunch at Matsushima Kanko Hotel Misakitei <>

Matsushima Kanko Hotel Misakitei = (about a 5 minutes ride) = Matsushima bus stop(Depart at 14:50)= (Express Amakusa-go to Kumamoto) = JR Kumamoto station(ARR 16:27) / Sakuramachi Kumamoto Bus terminal(ARR 16:35)
Meal(s) Breakfast×  Lunch○  Dinner×


  • Amakusa-go is first-come, first-served basis, and so we do not take reservation for seat(s).
  • Please note that times, such as departure and arrival times, listed on the itinerary could be changed due to the condition of roads and traffics.
  • Times, such as departure and arrival times, might be changed due to the revision of time schedule for buses and other transportations.
  • We cannot guarantee to provide any replacement of tickets nor rearrangement of transportations when you missed your transports or made mistakes such as took a wrong bus or get off at wrong bus stop.

  • Condition of the tour

    Travel days Duration of the tour 1day Condition of meal(s) Breakfast:0Times Lunch:1Times Dinner:0Times
    tour attendant Tour manager No tour guide Tour guide No
    Minimum number of person Minimum number of participant(s) 1person HotelStayTitle
    • Matsushima Kanko Hotel Misakitei

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    Tel. 096-300-5535 (FAX:096-355-1296)

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